Financial Freedom

Did the pandemic catch you off guard financially?
Were you not as prepared as you would like to have been?

This seminar will empower you to be in the driver’s seat of your finances.

Come be with us at
HEIGHTS CITY CHURCH - 15 Airport Road, Arden, NC

SATURDAY NOV 12-  from 10am-noon

$69 per person

You will learn:

*How to budget the right way
*Keys to demolish debt
*Lies we have believed about money
*Steps to build wealth

“I have had the joy of watching Karen grow personally in her knowledge of finances for herself and others these last several years. With confidence, I can tell those with financial questions and/or difficulties that allowing Karen to coach them will definitely bring them a brighter financial future!”

- Rebecca P.

“I’m a numbers person, so I felt like I had a good handle on finances. KBF Money Managing tips and teachings has shown me areas that I still need to improve… It also encourages me when I see areas where I’m already hitting the mark.”

- Justin and Rachel

“Karen spoke at our seminar and the attendees found her presentation to be helpful and full of take home resources. Comments ranged from being funny and delightful, as well as practical.”

- Pam L.

“Karen was excellent- speaks so clearly and reaches everyone! She is very relatable and left us all excited to begin our journey to being debt-free!”

- New Life Church, PA

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Meet Karen!

Karen Ford is a motivational speaker and Master Financial Coach. She will move listeners to break the chains of debt as well as give practical insight in how to create and build wealth!